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Take some time to relax and renew in a magical place.
Let nature heal you and the sun kiss you.
Allow Yoga to open you and people to inspire you.
Let Parampara Yoga fills you up with good vibes!


A Holistic and Restorative Experience in a Traditional Eco-Finca
Yoga classes

RELAXING Yoga Retreat

Yoga classes

PADDLE SURF Yoga Retreat

CYCLING Yoga Retreat

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DETOX Yoga Retreat

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COACHING Yoga Retreat

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NEW YEAR Yoga Retreat


Join a relaxing experience in the crystal waters of Muro beach, Mallorca

Discover the relaxing combination of paddle surfing with the ancient yoga practice. SUP Yoga allows us to connect with nature while stimulating our body and our mind.

On the board we intensify the work of balance and muscle tone, getting to strengthen our body and feeling the energy of a unique marine environment. A pleasant experience led by our professional instructor Mayra Surya.

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It is not necessary to have experience in Yoga or paddle surf. Before the class she will give you all the necessary tips to keep your balance and perform the poses.

Time: from 8'30 to 10'00am
Location: Muro beach, Mallorca

1 Drop in class: 35 EUR
4 classes pass: 100 EUR
10 classes pass: 200 EUR

Our mission is to inspire you to improve the quality of your life,
your happiness and your sense of well being
by teaching you not only Yoga to an excellent level,
but also providing you with ancient and science-proven tools
that you can integrate into your daily life.


Discover a magical & delicious experience in Alcudia, Mallorca

We would like to show you one of our favorite corners in Mallorca, a special place to connect with yourself and nourish body and soul with a multi-level yoga class, and organic and delicious homemade food.

The yoga class lasts 75 minutes, and finishes with a guided relaxation with amazing adjustments and aromatherapy that will blow your mind. It is suitable for total beginners and for advanced practitioners. The brunch consists of homemade food with local and fresh products.

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Price per person: 35 EUR
Time: from 11'00 am to 1'30 pm
Location: Alcudia, Mallorca


"It was a much broader experience than I expected. The yoga was great and the meditation sublime. I highly recommend this retreat!"

Justin S. - Australia

"We were able to fully connect with ourselves and disconnect with the outside world. I felt really grounded and relaxed all the time. It was perfect."

Bedour A. - Brasil

"I most definitely will and do recommend this retreat. One of the best relaxation and vacations I've had in a long time."

Ainura K. - United Arab Emirates