Ready to Reinvent Yourself?

4-Day Coaching & Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

(Available all year long)

Are you feeling stuck in life?

If you are struggling to be the best you and living a more meaningful and fulfilling life it might be time to reinvent your personal or professional life.

After this 4-Day Retreat, you'll bring with yourself life long positive changes that are simple and very doable if you want to be happier and more successful in living your life.

This retreat is about HOW to change your life, to change your thoughts, your attitude, to make better choices for yourself and be a better example for the people around you. A life-changing experience designed to help you to radically expand your horizons and create a focused plan for your future.

Parampara Yoga Retreats

Juana's Experience in this Retreat

"A truly memorable experience and retreat. I will soon be returning to again! I am so incredibly grateful to have met Andoni & Mayra.

Renee K. - Dubai (Seen at BookYogaRetreats)

Who is this for?

You are craving balance, you may be feeling burnout or boredom with your work, and you’ve lost touch with what’s really important to you. You are longing for something more.


We created this retreat for people like you, that are looking to break through their limits and make a significant change in their life. Executives, entrepreneurs, business owners – anyone feeling stuck, stressed, and looking to reach their maximum potential.

The Four Aspects of your Change


    We’ll craft a powerful vision in every area of your life that is connected with your deepest desires to bring calm and joy into your future. By creating that vision you will be transformed into a person on a mission.
    We’ll develop a simple yet impactful strategy to make your vision a reality in the next year. You’ll build your ability to handle any situation with ease. Plus you’ll create habits and rituals that support you on a daily and weekly basis.
    You'll overcome the fears, doubts, limiting beliefs and other insecurities that are holding you back. And you’ll create a new set of empowering beliefs to support you as you create the next stage of your life.
    Become clear on which people, places and things FILL you with energy and which  ones DRAIN your of energy. You'll optimize your environment and increase your energy by actively removing those energy drainers from your life.
Are you ready to reinventing yourself?
"It was a much broader experience than I expected. I highly recommend this retreat!

Justin W. - Australia (Seen at TripAdvisor)

What you'll get from this experience

  • Become more resourceful and able to access positive emotional states
  • Gain confidence and self-awareness
  • Remove limitations and overcome fears and obstacles
  • Calm your body and mind with Yoga & Meditation
  • Gain clarity about your mission and purpose
  • Find out how to deal with anxiety and stress
  • Learn new techniques to manage your life 
  • Become more productive and pro-active

Join this Unique Life-Changing Experience

and find your path to a happier, more balanced and meaningful life

The Life-Changing Activities

Deep Coaching Work
The core of our retreat: deep and transformational one-on-one and group setting coaching sessions that will completely change the way you see the world.
Guided Meditations
Get access to your subconscious mind and plant the seeds to transform your negative patterns into powerful mindsets that will transform your mind.
Yoga Classes
Prepare your body and mind to be more flexible releasing any tension and getting into deeper states of relaxation that will keep you grounded and ready for your change.

Time to have fun! Your private surf teacher will make sure you enjoy this experience. Because "you can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf".

Aromatherapy Massage

Relax your mind and renew your body with a nourishing massage in a luxury spa to complement your personal transformation.

And More!
Discover our tropical garden full of fruit trees, enjoy the sunset on the beach, or enjoy a walk around the genuine local village.
"We were able to fully connect with ourselves. I felt really grounded and relaxed all the time. It was perfect."

Bedour - United Arab Emirates (Seen at BookYogaRetreats)

The Dreamed Venue

You’ll be spending four fabulous days in a Luxury Private Villa enjoying the stunning nature, animal wildlife, delicious vegetarian homemade food, and one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.

Located just 400 meters to Narigama Beach in Hikkaduwa, the villa is in a quiet and relaxing area where you’ll feel like you’ve found a secret oasis that only you know about.

Main entrance
Views to the fields

Everything in a bucolic environment for anyone looking for the tranquility, the quiet and the natural enjoyment surrounded by meadows, fields and tropical fruit trees. 

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