Narigama Beach @ Hikkaduwa, SRI LANKA


Find the Balance and Get Inspired to Create a Better Future

How many times did you ask yourself …

What’s missing in my life?

Why don’t I feel fulfilled?

Why do I get stressed or anxious?

How could I be happier?

Life becomes very busy with too many stimulus day after day blowing your mind.
You don’t need free time, that you actually fill with meetings and commitments:

You need a different perspective of your life, of your own world. Because you know YOU ARE CAPABLE OF MUCH MORE, but you also know that there is something holding you back.

Are you ready to make a change?

Take a look to our new video presentation!

Join our 4-Day Inspiring Retreat in a relaxing environment surrounded by stunning wild nature and nearby one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. Connect with yourself and with like-minded people, recharge your batteries, improve your Yoga and Meditation practice.

We are here to provide A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE that will challenge the way you think and the way you see the world, to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF and live a more FULFILLING AND BALANCED LIFE.

Get ready to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE and be the change you want to see in the world.

You’ll FEEL LIKE AT HOME, because it’s actually our home, and we open the doors to share with you what has been part of our own journey creating an extraordinary life.

Live an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE that will inspire you to build a better future for yourself.

"We were able to fully connect with ourselves and disconnect with the outside world. I felt really grounded and relaxed all the time. It was perfect."

Bedour - United Arab Emirates

About this Retreat

This retreat is ideal for people needing to disconnect with the outside world and charge their batteries. Embark on a life-changing experience as you learn yoga & meditation.

Number of Participants:

1 - 5

Yoga Styles:

Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyassa & Yin

Skill Levels:

Beginner & Advanced


Practical daily life tools to deal with stress and anxiety

Minimum Length:

4 Days (3 Nights)


All year long — Join anytime!


Delicious Vegetarian Meals


Narigama Beach, Hikkaduwa (Sri Lanka)

"Mayra and Andoni are very kind and lovely hosts. I enjoyed everything in this 4 days. The food was delicious and they made it vegan (for me) which I loved and appreciate a lot."

Anne - Australia (Seen at BookYogaRetreats)

Daily Schedule

7:30 am - Morning Yoga / Meditation

09:00 am - Healthy Breakfast

10:00 am - Inspiring Talk

11:30 am - Surf Lesson / Spa Treatment

1:30 pm - Delicious Lunch

2:30 pm - Relaxing / Free Time

6:00 pm - Meditation / Yoga Nidra

7:30 pm - Vegetarian Dinner

"I most definitely will and do recommend this retreat in Sri Lanka with them. One of the best relaxation and vacations I've had in a long time."

Ainura K. - United Arab Emirates